Too tall, too small, too fat, too thin, too light, too dark, too poor, too rich, too square, too hip, too

turned in, too turned out, too twisted or too wound up

– do you also feel every now and then at the wrong place, in the wrong time, in the wrong body or even all at once? in-place / dis-place / replace, the new dance piece by Ruben Reniers, deals with this phenomenon, with a focus on physical enrollment and its changeability. How far can, will or should one bend to adapt to one's environment? Who determines what is appropriate and inappropriate? And does the individual authenticity perhaps fall by the wayside with all such adjustments?


Date: 7. PREMIERE, 8. & 9. Juni 2018 19:00 DOCK11


Choreography: Ruben Reniers

Dance: Ana Dordevic & Ruben Reniers

Stage and Figureplay: Barbara Steinitz

Live Music & Composition: Evelyn Saylor

Dramaturgy: Nicole Kohlmann

Photo: Carlos Collado

Graphic Design: Studio Workshop


Entrance 14/10



Co-operation Partner:

Schloss Bröllin

PAF 2018

rubarb dance & art


Supported by:

Theaterscouting Berlin

Spieltrieb E.v









© Ruben Reniers 2017