Workshop Dance & Drawing "Body Switch in Sketches"

Workshop Dance & Drawing „Body Switch in Sketches“

For Whom: Youth and Adults

For everyone who likes to express themselves through dance & drawing and would like to get to know the artistic work of ‘rubarb dance & art.

No previous experience is required.

Costs: 100,- Euro

Subject : Workshop Dance & Drawing DOCK11

Note: let us know if you would like to dance or draw.

Deadline of inscription: 01.02.2016

*The Registration is binding, but only valid when we write you a confirmation email.

With validation the participant has agreed, even in absence, to pay the seminar fees.

We reserve the right to cancel our Workshop due a lack of participation.

Workshop description:

Together with choreographer/dancer Ruben Reniers and book illustrator/puppeteer Barbara Steinitz we will create a visual language by using dance & drawing with its very own fascination. There will be two groups: one group of dancers and a group of drawers. The dancers work on a small choreography, while the drawing group bring the dancers movements on paper. At the end of the second workshop day there will be a small internal presentation.

Dance with Ruben Reniers

This intensive Workshop starts with an awareness of the body in time, and space. That gradually builds in to a warm-up based on modern and jazz techniques and leads in to longer dance sequences. Focus is placement of the body, coordination, rhythm as well as movement dynamics in the space. Ruben builds strength on a conscious level by using weight, muscle efficiency and a safe body alignment. He encourages the body parts to move in different shapes and directions.

*Please Bring Comfortable Training clothes

Drawing with Barbara Steinitz

Drawing a moving body seems to be much more difficult than a body who stays in a pose for a longer time like in classical academic drawing lessons. We want to sharpen our senses to be able to capture a short moment with brush and ink that already is over in the next second. So we need to train our brain and photographic „inner eye“ to decide, record this moment and bring it down unto the paper within seconds. Perfection needs to be released in order to achieve a sketch that might not be completely naturalistic, but vivid and full of life, so as the movements oft he dancers are.

*Please bring the following Materials to the Workshop:

- Pencils (pencils and felt-tip pens)

- Large and small brush

- Drawing ink or liquid water color or acrylic paint

(black, if desired also like bright colors)

- small glasses to wash out the brushes

- old newspapers to cover the table

- Drawing paper, not too expensive(small format approx A4, large format about 50x70cm)

Please bring enough paper, we will draw a lot!