Workshop Dance & Drawing - Body Shift in Sketches

Workshop Dance & Drawing 'Body Switch in Sketches'

Selasar Sunaryo Art Space in Bandung (IND)

This intensive workshop starts with a warm-up based on, modern dance, Ballet and Jazz and gradually builds up to more elaborate dance routines. The main focus of this workshop is providing the participant an awareness of the body, coordination, rhythm and movement dynamics in space and time. Another element is building strength on a conscious level using weight, efficiency of muscle use and safe body alignment. The most important part of this workshop is the joy of moving the body in different shapes and directions.

Drawing a moving body seems to be much more difficult than a body who stays in a pose for a longer time like in classical academic drawing lessons. We want to sharpen our senses to be able to capture a short moment with brush and ink that already is over in the next second.

So we need to train our brain and photographic „inner eye" to decide, record this moment and bring it down unto the paper within seconds. Perfection needs to be released in order to achieve a sketch that might not be completely naturalistic, but vivid and full of life, so as the movements oft he dancers are.