Photoproject by Marco Baass

Supported by mo:re

SOLO. ist ein Portraitprojekt, dass sich den performenden Künstlern aller Richtungen widmet. MusikerInnen, TänzerInnen, AkrobatenInnen oder auch DarstellerInnen, die sich entschlossen haben, Ihrer Leidenschaft zu folgen, Abends auf der Bühne zu stehen und den Menschen Unterhaltung, Freude, Drama, und Inspiration zu schenken. Eine Leidenschaft die so stark ist, dass sogar oft prekäre Lebensverhältnisse und eine stets ungewisse Zukunft, diese nicht zu Bremsen vermag. Und gerade jetzt wird diese Situation für viele deutlich verschärft. Die Covid-19 Pandemie trifft die Künstler schwer, aber auch der Gesellschaft an sich fehlen mit Kunst und Kultur wichtige Säulen für das allgemeine Wohlbefinden. Diese Fotoserie soll den portraitierten Künstlern ganz sprichwörtlich wieder etwas Rampenlicht verschaffen. Die Bilder sind bewusst inszeniert wie ein Bühnenauftritt. Im Hintergrund tiefblauer Himmel, eingefärbt durch die kurze Phase in der der Tag in den Abend übergeht und die Vorhänge auf den Bühnen sich öffnen. Nur dass die Bühnen im Moment leere Orte ohne Publikum sind

gamut inc´s OVER THE EDGE CLUB

A superintelligence of the distant future dreams of its predecessors - the discarded high-tech machines and artificial intelligences stored somewhere in its genetic code. They are all gathered here in OVER THE EDGE CLUB and reflect the longings and desires of past generations and species.

According to the Deutsche Bühne review "The initially not-so-obvious intertwining of artificial intelligence and the dream experience overcomes the dualism of man-machine and puts superintelligence in a state of crisis."

"This already makes an impression on one's own screen" - says  taz, die tageszeitung - "At other moments, siren-like sounds also emerge, merging with a flood of images not made by human hands and pointing the way to dream landscapes never before traveled."

The outmoded AIs appear in the form of a human performer avatar, portrayed by dancer and choreographer Ruben Reniers. For example, there's Eugene Goostman, a 13-year-old Ukrainian boy, actually software, who passed a Turing test for the first time. In the test, humans are supposed to judge whether an interlocutor who is not visible to them is human or computer. With this dissociative identity disorder - whether human or software - the boy wanders uncertainly through the dream. There he encounters, for example, "Alpha Go", short-lived world champion* in the game of Go, with its wounded vanity.

The next AI generations will probably no longer be developed by humans, but by other AIs. We are becoming more and more fascinated and doubtful observers. But what will happen to all these AIs when progress overtakes them? The retrofuturistic ensemble gamut inc confronts the GPT-3, currently probably the most complex language AI on the market, with this question and lets it write the libretto without further ado.

Video premiere on 12/20/20 at 8pm on  gamutinc.org/over-the-edge-club

GAMUT INC - Marion Wörle, Maciej Sledziecki:
Staging, composition, stage, videos and lighting.
GPT-3 & GAMUT INC: libretto
RUBEN RENIERS: dance, choreography
ANKE BRUNS: costume
PAUL PAULUN: dramaturgy
ROBERT NACKEN: mastering
FLORIAN KRÖCKEL: production management
SARAH ROSENAU: press relations Berlin
VERA FIRMBACH: press relations Cologne
MARION WÖRLE: graphic design

CAMERA: INPETTO FILMPRODUKTION Uli Aumüller, Sebastian Rausch, gamut inc

Funded by Landesbüro NRW, Kulturamt der Stadt Köln, Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin.

The format streamather is developed in the framework of the RELOAD grant of the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

DISPLACEMENT & »Interactive Displacement Experience«

Sat. 17. Oct. 2020 20:00 Gallus Theater (Frankfurt)

Fr.   20. Nov. 2020 20:00 Theater im Pfalzbau (Ludwigshafen)

Too tall, too small, too fat, too thin, too light, too dark, too poor, too rich, too square, too hip, too turned in, too turned out, too twisted or too wound up – do you also feel every now and then at the wrong place, in the wrong time, in the wrong body or even all at once? in-place / dis-place / replace, this dance performance by Ruben Reniers, deals with this phenomenon, with a focus on physical enrollment and its changeability.

How far can, will or should one bend to adapt to one's environment? Who determines what is appropriate and inappropriate? And does the individual authenticity perhaps fall by the wayside with all such adjustments?

Choreography: Ruben Reniers

Dance: Nora Vladiguerov & Ruben Reniers

Host »Interactive Displacement Experience «: Melli Müller

Stage: Barbara Steinitz

Live Music: Evelyn Saylor

Dramaturgy & Spoken word: Nicole Kohlmann

Photo: Carlos Collado

Video: Marco Baass

Graphic Design: Studio Workshop

Funded & Co-operation Partner: Mapping Dance | Zeitgenössischer Tanz Berlin e.V. |

Tanzbüro Berlin | Schloss Bröllin | PAF 2018 | rubarb dance & art | DOCK11 |

Haus der Indonesischen Kulturen - Rumah Budaya Indonesia - Berlin

Forgot to Remember

Remember to Forget

ONLINE STREAM at Soundance Festival Berlinl
Sa. 27. June 2020 at 19:00


Evelyn Saylor (music) | Ruben Reniers / rubarb dance & art (choreography | dance) | 20 mins

In today‘s over-commodified world, we are given license to focus on ourselves exclusively, without obligation to the greater collective. We are offered the platforms to do so - ones which originated from our desire for connection, but morphed into means of self-marketing. Even the text you are reading is a disguised advertisement. What happens when you have inadvertently turned your personhood into a product? When your attempt at self-realization has made you your own shareholder, and invested you into a social credit system? How does the ability to curate one‘s own narrative effect individual memory? In the age of the emancipated individual, where do collective memory and responsibility live? When you are your own ruler, are you actually free?

Date: 28. Sept. 2019 PREMIERE

Live Music & Composition: Evelyn Saylor
Choreography: Ruben Reniers
Dance: Ruben Reniers
Photos: Carlos Collado
Camera: Marco Baass

Video Documentation

Commisioned by KONTAKTE ’19. Biennale für Elektroakustische Musik
Berliner Lautsprecherorchester (II)

In collaboration with Klangzeitort - KlangKunstBühne
Supported by Akademie der Künste, Berlin Loudspeaker Orchestra & Universität der Künste Berlin