In Between us

In between us

is an interdisciplinary dance production by the ensemble rubarb dance & art.

The choreographer and dancer Ruben Reniers and the illustrator and puppeteer Barbara Steinitz combine their art disciplines. The volatility of dance cannot be fixed, while a drawing, however transient the action of drawing maybe remains existent in its form. The two artists are searching for the opportunity to open up new spaces by playing with the points of contact and the boundaries between these two artforms.

Choreography | dance: Ruben Reniers

Stage | Graphic Performance: Barbara Steinitz



Salon K. interdisziplinäre Kunst- und Kulturfestival-Reihe im Berliner Ortsteil Reinickendorf-Ost.

02./03. 07.2010

Tanzhaus Interim (Cologne


T.A.P.E Art Fair (Cologne)


DOCK11 in Berlin


17. | 18. 04.2009

Theater im Volksgarten Orangerie