a musical dance performance with moving images by rubarb dance & art

It is the confrontation with the two natural forces of our existence, birth and death, which is placed in the center of this musical dance performance. Based on the collision of two very personal events, the death of his father and the birth of his daughter, dancer and choreographer Ruben Reniers fo- cuses in his current artistic work on phenomena related to death.

As a native Indonesian who grew up in the Netherlands, he is interested in Indonesian as well as European funeral rituals and farewell ceremonies – and how the different concepts of connecting the living and the dead are manifested in the dances, movements, touches and voices of those who mourn. Together with an international team of dancers, musicians and a drawing artist, he embarks on a quest to artistically bring together the different approaches of these cultures and of each one of us.

In deeply moving solos, they give heartfelt expression to their pain and their losses— sometimes with an intensity that calls to mind German expressionist dance. But even these echoes have their justification in this sensitively balanced, soothingly beautiful, inventive long work. At its end, one is left with the sense of having experienced a healing, unifying ritual, an art event that draws its strength for the future from reformulating the commonality of all human existence“.
Wiebke Hüster, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung


REPRISE      11.08. - 14.08.2022 at DOCK11

PREMIERE   23.09.2021 + 24.09 - 26.09.2021

Artistic Direction / Choreography: Ruben Reniers
Dance, Performance: Rebecca Jefferson, Annapaola Leso, Sean Roel Nederlof, Ruben Reniers,

Melli Müller
Composition / Live Music: Konstantin Heuer, Bilawa Respati, Biliana Voutschkova /
Mari Sawada

Stage / Puppet Theater / Live Drawing: Barbara Steinitz
Costume: Carola Volles, Juliane Längin
Light Design: Emese Csornai
Graphic Design: Studio Workshop | Saira Hussain
Artistic Collaboration: Melli Müller
Artistic Advise: Inang Lena Simanjuntak
Video: Marco Baass

Video Schnitt: Matthias Albrecht

Photo: Carlos Collado

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, as part of Neustart Kultur, #TakeAction Förderprogramm Tanz

Cooperation partner: Rumah Budaya Indonesia | Haus der Indonesischen Kulturen Berlin, Schloss Bröllin, Tanzscouting, DOCK 11