Traces of Degas

Traces of Degas

Video Dance Installation at Haus Bastian in their exhibition Room 'VERSTÄRKER' (01.06.2023 -31.12.2023)

A collaboration Project by Videographer Marco Baass & Choreographer / Dancer Ruben Reniers.


What movements are there in Edgar Degas's "Dancer Looking at the Sole of Her Right Foot" or Ferdinand Lepcke's "Bow-stretcher"? How can different works of art with movements be recreated and connected to each other?

Additional to the video dance installations, dancer and choreographer Ruben Reniers will give workshop serie that will guide the participants to to develop their own dance approaches. Bilawa Respati provided the musical accompaniment with electronic samples and sounds of traditional origin.

Comissioned by Haus Bastian (Staatliche Museum Berlin) as part of Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz (SPK)