Workshop & Training & 'Body Switch

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Workshop & Training & 'Body Switch'

We will start with an awareness of the inner body in time, and space. By constantly switching the weight it gradually builds up in to a Warm-up based on modern contemporary techniques and this leads into longer dance sequences. An important focus is placement of the body, coordination, rhythm as well as movement dynamics in space.

Ruben builds up muscular strength on a conscious and natural level by using the weight properly and in a most practical and functional way, using body memory to go deeper into muscle structure to achieve safe body alignment which as efficient as possible. He encourages the participant’s imagination to move the body parts. He then guides them in the most extreme different shapes and directions, which ultimately could lead into unexpected and surprising movements phrases and situations.


Motion's Studio Berlin


Solodance Festival



'Everything is Possible Nothing is a Must' - research weeks Berlin

Stiftung Bauhaus

2015 - 2017

FREIraum Ensemble | Cologne


DOCK11 Berlin


FREIraum Ensemble | Cologne

Dancefestival SOLOCOREGRAFICO | Torino, Italy

DIN A13 Tanzcompany | Berlin, Germany

Sekolah Ciputra | Surabaya, Indonesia

Wisma Jermani  | Surabaya, Indonesia

Selasar Sunary Art Space | Bandung, Indonesia


FREIraum Ensemble | Cologne


Rheinische Musikschule | Cologne

2008 – 2011 

Cologne Dance Center | Cologne

2006 – 2009 

Ballettcompagnie am Freiherr-vom-Stein-Gymnasium (Leverkusen)


Staatstheater Braunschweig


Hochschule Musik und Theater | Saarbrücken